Monthly Themes

Discover an Exciting New Theme Each Month

Young children love surprises, variety and the joy of finding out what's new. It's a powerful way to keep them motivated and engaged while learning, which is why we've introduced our brand new Monthly Themes in Reading Eggs.

Circus plaza

Every month your child will discover an exciting new theme in the Reading Eggs world, along with limited edition clothing and furniture.

They'll delight in watching Reggie appear in a different costume each month, and they'll be able to partake in the fun too by dressing up their own avatar or decorating their Reading Eggs house to match.

From circus themes to underwater adventures, the possibilities are endless, and children of all ages will have a blast guessing how Reggie will transform next!

Reggie as an Explorer

Different looks for Reggie

Cat dress ups

New costumes for avatars

Circus looks

Themed new looks

Fancy House

Special House items

Learn more with every lesson

The Monthly Themes are a wonderful new way to keep children engaged and on task while completing their Reading Eggs lessons. In addition to hatching critters, collecting golden eggs and unlocking new learning areas, your child will have yet another reason to get excited about logging in and improving their reading, writing and spelling skills every week.

With 120 core reading lessons and 96 spelling lessons, there's so much to learn in the comprehensive online learning programme. All of our new features aim to get kids to complete more lessons and learn more essential literacy skills while feeling rewarded at every stage.

Stay tuned for more!

With more fantastic features in store, we can't wait for your little one to dive into Reading Eggs and discover something new. We'll also be launching our new Monthly Themed Plaza soon where your child can see other Eggsplorers in their outfits, read a monthly themed book and vote in the latest poll.

Medieval plaza